Research Institute for World Grid Squares

About Us

Research Institute for World Grid Squares promotes to distribute the library to calculate the world grid square codes from latitude and longitude and the world grid square data.



  • Director: Dr. Aki-Hiro Sato(Yokohama City University, JST PRESTO)
  • Secretariat: Mr. Koichiro Mouri (World Grid Squares User Group)



  • Mr. Shigehiro Kato (Recruit Career)
  • Mr. Koichiro Mouri (Japan Space Systems)

  • Mr. Takeshi Nishiwaki (Oita University)



Supporting Organizations


This work is supported by JST PRESTO Grand Number JPMJPR1504 (“Evaluation Platform for Sustainability of Global Systems“; Research Director: Dr. Aki-Hiro Sato; Project Duration: FY2015-FY2019). The data provided from our site have been computed by using computational resources for a research project of HPCI systems (hp160060) in Institute of Statistical Mathematics in 2016.

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