Research Institute for World Grid Squares


This is a multi-linguistic cloud-based implementation on DaaS (Data as a Service) based on World Grid Square coding system, which is an extension of Japanese Grid Square coding system standardized in Japan Industrial Standard (JIS X0410). This data application enables us to select, analyze, re-calculate World Grid Square statistic for worldwide usage. Users can use more than 3.33 billion* 3rd-level grid square statistics of 251 countries and regions across the globe. This site is an outcome conducted by a research project entitled “Evaluation Platform for Sustainability of Global System” (Project leader: Dr. Aki-Hiro Sato; Grant Number: JPMJPR1504; FY2015-FY2019) financially supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) PRESTO.

* The available number of 3rd-level grid square statistics is as of September 2018. The world grid square statistics stored in MESHSTATS are produced based on collected data and its amount is increasing day by day.

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